About Us

Fairmont Township Fire Department was established in 1951 with eight men from the area requested that a bill be introduced to the Kansas Legislature to raise money through taxes to provide fire protection.

Through the hard work of those eight men, the Fairmount Township Fire Department became the first Township fire department in the State of Kansas

The men started the department with the purchase of a $2,500 truck and had it converted into a fire truck. The original fire truck still sits at the main station, a 1951 Chevy, the pride of the department at every hometown parade.

Today the department has 9 pieces of apparatus and 2 stations that are used to provide fire protection to the citizens of Fairmount Township and Basehor. We protect over 40 miles square miles, provide auto-aid to our neighboring departments, and mutual-aid when called upon. 

From those eight hardworking men, FTFD has grown to over 25 active members, annual cadets classes, and 9 lifetime members. 

We added a new addition to our station 1 that started in the fall of 2005. With the station we have also added part-time employed Firefighters. At least 2 of these firefighters are on duty Monday - Friday, 0800 - 1600 rotating through out the week.

As of September of 2015, Fairmount has successfully hired the first full-time paid fire administrator. This has been a major step in the development of FTFD and with the new administrator will come a strategic plan to develop FTFD into a next level staffed department.